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Augmented Reality for Packaging: Finally, a Make or Buy Decision?

Feb 4, 2021 8:51:58 AM / by Harpak-ULMA posted in AR, Augmented Reality, internet of things, open architectures


After building momentum for a decade, Digital Transformation is now front and center in many producers’ strategic discussions. The proof points are building for companies that adopt digital-centric production processes; marked improvements in flexibility, productivity, and final quality are persuasive.

Many use cases are cited for Digital Transformation, but one of the most intuitive and “sexiest” is Augmented Reality (AR). Not surprising, as there is ample empirical evidence that visual training techniques produce better results and delivering real-time visual task guidance virtually guarantees faster learning curves and performance accuracy. As is typical of most complex emerging technologies, the innovators and early adopters tend to be larger organizations that can assume the costs and risk that come with that territory, since they derive significant value at scale from even small or incremental improvements.

While many publicized AR success stories fit that profile today, an increasingly broader cross-section of producers are taking a serious look. It’s easy to see why. Executives are enamored by AR’s use cases – the data points to 30%-60% productivity improvements, underscoring its dramatic impact on staff productivity and quality outcomes.

The question producers have to ask themselves now is how to approach implementation, and it's finally a make or buy decision. We've discovered these key considerations for determining the best option.

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5 Top Packaging Trends in 2020

Feb 14, 2020 10:11:22 AM / by Harpak-ULMA posted in Sustainability in Packaging, Technology, Sustainability, minimalistic packaging design, AR, Augmented Reality, eCommerce, Industry 4.0, trends


Sustainability, technology, and classic design headline packaging trends in 2020

As consumer habits, needs and demands evolve and develop, the packaging industry must innovate and stay up to date with new trends in packaging. According to a report by McKinsey & Company, as of 2019 the packaging industry creates $900 billion in annual revenues throughout the world. The report also states the industry is projected to grow at a rate of 3.1% each year through 2022.[1]

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