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Why Flow Wrapping is the Best Packaging Choice

Mar 3, 2020 2:17:40 PM / by Harpak-ULMA posted in Food Packaging Materials, Flexible, Packaging, Flowwrapping, sanitation, cost, flow wrapping


Flow Wrapping offers a variety of benefits when deciding the best packaging for your product.

Flow wrapping provides numerous benefits for the product being packed and for packagers during the production process. This packaging method handles high volumes, the production process is user friendly, it creates minimal waste, and is cost effective.

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How Environmental Responsibility Affects Food Manufacturing

Dec 19, 2019 12:22:53 PM / by Harpak-ULMA posted in Food Packaging, Greenhouse, Sustainability, Consumers, Waste, Recycle, Flexible, Environment, Green, Carbon Emissions


Use sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging methods to decrease greenhouse emissions.

The packaging industry has put an emphasis on reducing waste, recycling and creating sustainable packaging solutions to limit greenhouse emissions, while recognizing the demands of consumers. Selecting recyclable materials, cutting down on waste and being efficient are ways packaging companies can make a difference in the environment. The current concern over our environment makes it the perfect time for your company to develop a carbon footprint plan.

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