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Marketers, here’s how your packaging design choices affect manufacturability

Aug 4, 2020 9:00:55 AM / by Harpak-ULMA posted in Manufacturing, Packaging Machines, Packaging, Flexible Packaging, packaging design


As a marketer looking to drive sales, your packaging designs likely focus on product differentiation, consumer convenience, and consumer expectations. Designing the package can be an artistic experience. However, you need to also be aware of the manufacturability of your design and your engineering team’s goals.

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7 things to consider before designing your new packaging

Jul 28, 2020 10:22:34 AM / by Harpak-ULMA posted in Sustainability in Packaging, Packaging Machines, Packaged Food, Consumers, Packaging, Flexible Packaging, Packaging test, cost, point of purchase


Brands that sell similar products compete for the same consumer’s money on the shelf (or webpage). Your packaging could make or break that consumer’s decision to buy your product or your competitors at the point of purchase.

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How Are Food Manufacturers Solving Their Packaging Logistics Issues

Feb 7, 2020 2:59:22 PM / by Harpak-ULMA posted in Efficient, Sustainability, Robots, Environment, Packaging, supply chain, Flexible Packaging, manufacturers, Disposal, EPA, Integrated


Innovation, Alternative Packaging Technology and Updated Materials Can Help Improve Efficiency and Costs. 

Manufacturers must be efficient in all aspects of the supply chain to reduce costs. Rising shipping and material costs, combined with an emphasis on sustainability and consumer preference has created a need for innovation in the packaging industry.

One of the main costs in the supply chain is shipping. In general, it is becoming more expensive to operate a truck. Taking factors such as tires, fuel costs and labor into account the average marginal cost per mile was $1.69 in 2017 compared to $1.45 in 2009. Using the same factors, the average marginal cost per hour in 2017 was $66.65 compared to $58 in 2009.[1] According to the U.S.

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