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A Quick Guide for Food Packaging Methodologies

Mar 16, 2020 4:54:30 PM / by Harpak-ULMA posted in Manufacturing, Plastic Packaging, Packaged Food, Food Packaging, Flowwrapping, vacuum seal, tray seal, C-Pak, MAP, skin packing, stretch seal


There are several methods to package food. Which method is right for you?

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Why Use Cobots in Packaging?

Mar 13, 2020 10:10:05 AM / by Harpak-ULMA posted in Labor, Packaging Machines, Plastic Packaging, Robots, Packaging, cobots, safety


Incorporating Cobots into your packaging process can improve packaging efficiency and employee safety.

Cobots, short for collaborative robots, are designed to work alongside humans in shared workspaces. Cobots in packaging are used to make human workers more efficient, enhance performance and become more effective. Unlike robots, cobots usually work with employees, rather than replace them. It's also a safe technology for the employees working alongside cobots because there is no need for cages or closed areas separating the cobots and workers.

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Sanitation Concerns in Food Manufacturing

Dec 19, 2019 11:54:48 AM / by Harpak-ULMA posted in Food Pack, Food Packaging Materials, Packaging Materials, Plastic Packaging, Packaged Food, Food Packaging, Food Packaging Companies


Improve sanitation practices in food packaging to decrease overall costs associated with product recall and cross contamination issues.

Over the past few months several major companies in the food packaging industry have made headlines as a result of product recalls. Regardless of the cause of the contamination, this is an excellent reminder to examine the sanitation protocol of your facility, and identify its strengths and weaknesses. Effective sanitation is an area that all food processors must continually work to improve.

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